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Loch Leven boasts prolific wild-life from the thousands of migrating pink-footed geese to a brace of Sea Eagles, as well as substantial stocks of the eponymous BrownTrout. Plentiful fish attract adventurous otters and there are growing numbers in the Loch with a large holt at the south-eastern end. From her isolated prison window, looking out over the Loch, Mary would have spotted the occasional curious otter swimming towards her, head bobbing along the surface of the water. We have commissioned a distinctive bronze sculpture of an otter's head to grace any stylish desk top or side-board. Hand made on the Isle of Arran, on Scotland's West Coast, the item is approximately 7.5 inches long, 3.5. inches wide and 2 inches tall, weighing approximately 480 grams. Each item may vary slightly as they are not mass-produced.

Priced at £65 to include postage and packaging to UK addresses, the otter makes a distinctive gift at any time of year.

To enquire about how to purchase the otter, please contact us via the Contact page.

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