Mary Queen of Scots

Kinross Connection

This idyllic tranquil scene of Loch Leven Castle in Kinross, Scotland, masks a very dramatic and turbulent past. It was here in 1567 that Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned by treacherous Scottish nobles. Sadly she miscarried twins in her prison cell, had her two year old son, James, taken away from her, never to see him again and ultimately forced by her captors to abdicate the Scottish throne. Grim events in a dark and menacing era.

However, in May 1568, she escaped Kinross with the help of a local boatman and quickly made her way to England where a new chapter of her life opened for her. Sadly it was to be no less menacing than the first.

We take a very positive view of Mary Queen of Scots and feel that history has not been kind to her, nor particularly accurate on occasions.

We invite you to come to Kinross and see for yourself. There are summer visits to the island, by boat, from April to October and we have created many Scottish products in her name which we are pleased and proud to share with visitors worldwide. Kinross is only 24 miles north of Edinburgh and you are guaranteed a warmer welcome to the town and the surrounding area than that extended to Mary Queen of Scots!

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